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How do you get an alcoholic that is suspected of being in the early stages of alcoholic dementia to see a dr.?

Question by sjp77: How do you get an alcoholic that is suspected of being in the early stages of alcoholic dementia to see a dr.?
My mother has been an alcoholic for more than 10 many years. Soon after a lot pleading from the household, she made the decision to quit drinking and begin attending AA meetings. There is a noticeable big difference in her standard character, and has seemingly grow to be more and much more illiterate specifically above the past year. We have asked her to please go to the doctor, but refuses saying there is nothing at all wrong with her. How can we get her to see that we are only trying to assist her by going to see the medical doctor?

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Solution by Sean Roberts
Your mother is suffering from Korsakoff syndrome, which is brain harm brought on by years of heavy drinking. Alcohol prevents the body from utilizing thiamine (vitamin b-one) effectively. This leads to neuron death. This exhibits up behaviorally as impaired judgment, impaired memory, and a host of other troubles.

A single of the very first signs and symptoms of alcoholism is denial. “I only drink beer”, “I only drink at night”, “I can cease whenever I want to”. The excuses go on and on. The very same psychology which causes this denial is continuing with your mother now. “There’s nothing wrong with me”. The psychology of denial plus the impaired judgment lead your mother to feel that she’s fine.

You happen to be almost certainly not going to be able to convince your mother to go to a physician on her personal. I know that this is not what you want to hear.

I’ve place a link to korsakoff-syndrome beneath to much better support you recognize what is occurring to your mother.

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