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Q&A: Can someone with vascular dementia have drastic improvement in function for an extended time?

Question by ~~Birdy~~: Can an individual with vascular dementia have drastic improvement in perform for an extended time?
The patient has a lot more troubles with motor abilities than cognitive (mild impairment that comes and goes)

She has suffered paralysis in components of her entire body and in each sides arms and legs.

She appeared to have recovered but nonetheless has muscle weakness and balance problems.

Very best reply:

Solution by azfreehiker
I’ve been possessing mild cog. imp. for in excess of 10 many years. I went to an NMD who had what he
calls his PhD formula: Piracetam 800mg, Hydergine 2mg and Deprenyl 2mg,
compounded by a pharmacist, taken 3-4x/day. That brought back my word retrieval
for social conversation and work. And I could drive and hold a conversation.

For stroke signs, I have no expertise or experience. My Dr. might talk with
you if you’d like me to be a go-among. E-mail.

Now I am making use of a diverse experimental mixture: Fo-Ti with ADHD homeopathic
drops. Would seem to function as properly. Fo-Ti removed all the entire body irritation following 1
day I could turn my head over each and every shoulder, stretch seated to grab a single foot, then
nearly kiss my knee (just 2 far more inches!).

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