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Q&A: What Is th Differance between Alzheimer’s and Dementia ?

Question by The Gangster: What Is th Differance between Alzheimer’s and Dementia ?
The Medical doctor stated my grand ma has Dementia. We thought she had Alzheimer’s but he medical professional stated no its dementia. what is that ?

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Answer by Alice F
Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia. Dementia actually indicates “loss of mind’ and it can refer to a amount of circumstances that affect language, memory, perception, emotional behavior or character, and cognitive expertise.

Your Grandmother most likely has what is known as MCI or Mild Cognitive Impairment. It really is an early mild kind of dementia that can ultimately develop into Alzheimer’s, but doesn’t often.

MCI signs and symptoms contain forgetting current events or conversations, difficulty performing much more than one activity at a time, difficulty solving problems, and taking longer to execute far more tough activities.

AD (Alzheimers) on the other hand is characterized by language difficulties, such as difficulty locating the name of familiar objects, misplacing items, getting lost on familiar routes, personality modifications and loss of social skills, losing interest in items previously enjoyed, difficulty carrying out tasks that take some thought.

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