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Why do people with ALz Dementia “hoard” and pick up things and sometimes can’t help taking small items?

Query by Zocuisa: Why do men and women with ALz Dementia “hoard” and pick up issues and sometimes cannot assist taking modest products?
Why do some people with Alzheimer’s Dementia “hoard” or gather things either from the streets/garbage bins or take from other people’s stuffs(with no permission)—most of them, they do not even use or require? What can be done to aid them stop or at least diminish this behavior? Thanks.

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Solution by Elyse N
Im a demetia care specialist so i see LOTS and LOTS of this.
Its sad illness…you genuinely want to realize it. Basically a person with alzhiemers, the brain is actually shrinking! for that reason elements of their brain are just gone, and they are unable to get that back. Usually they go back to stages in lifestyle exactly where they have the psychological capability of a 4 year old.

So feel of a four yr old…4 yr olds like to “take items” and play with modest points…and feel Almost everything is theres right?!? possibly even 3, what ever! But there really isnt something you can do as in “education” them not to do that due to the fact they are loosing their short expression memory. A person with Genuine alzhiemers has ABOUT 6 minutes of memory based on the stage they are at. So if you had been tro train a person with alzehimers, they would forget it.

the greatest hting you can do is give them other issues to play with….We have alot of “kiddie toys” like Play-dough, puzzles, coloring books…items like that to keep them stimulated. perhaps if you see them hoarding something replace it with some thing else they can preserve busy with like a puzzle. Remember, they are like a young little one…typically they want to maintain busy.

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